…Beat the Winter Blues

…Beat the Winter Blues

Most of us in foodservice work unusual hours, and nothing makes it harder to get out bed than the cold. Feeling the winter blues? Take heart in the fact that you are not alone. Here are some quick tips to get you through this winter.

  • Get out in sun- Open any blinds and let the sun into your work space. Take your breaks in sunny spots. The warmth will not only make your feel good but it provides a good source of vitamin D, and also improves your mood.
  • Catch up on some sleep-There is nothing better than curling up in bed on a cold winters night. Winter can be the perfect excuse to catch up on some much needed sleep. Try to aim for 7-8 hours each night and of cause there is nothing better than a little afternoon nap.
  • Help someone out– Get involved in a good cause, or a local sporting group.  It will keep you active and focused on helping others rather than the cold. Nothing makes a person feel better than when they help someone else.
  • Embrace the weather- Instead of avoiding the cold; embrace what it has to offer. Why not celebrate with a traditional cold Christmas in July. Put on a turkey; it’s a great way to be social and enjoy the wintery Christmas food we normally avoid in December.


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