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October – November Meat Update


To quote the opening line of a famous Australian poem, “there was movement at the station, for the word had passed around…”  there sure is a lot of movement as we enter into the second month of Spring.

It’s a brave new world out there and with the AUD dropping below the 0.90 mark, which is an 8-month low; this has some economists and pundits predicting that it will continue to move downward to place added pressure on the export beef market.

Prices for beef trim and lean cuts such as Topside, Knuckle and Rump, are continuing their record push and wholesalers have no idea where the ceiling is.  It continues to have an impact on the domestic price of cuts such as Rump, Rostbiff, Blade, Bolar Blade, Topside and Silverside, which have increased dramatically over the last 3 weeks and now this seems to be putting pressure on cuts such as Beef Sirloin (Striploin) and Brisket too.

For the specials this month, before the market takes hold; we have managed to buy in some Beef Tenderloin 1.4-1.8 Kg (#27707).  This is Hunter Valley brand, derived from the Hereford breed and raised on the lush pastures of the picturesque Hunter Valley, selling at $15.95/Kg.  If you’re looking for a roast, why not try the ever popular Beef Outside Flat (#17966), which is still good value in the market at $7.49/Kg.

With Spring, comes the on flux of weddings, and of course Melbourne Cup day on November 4th.  No better time to buy in your function eye fillet with all the popular sizes available, all at the same price of $31.95/Kg.  With the weather warming, it’s a great time to bring back rumps onto your menu.  We have the PR rump steaks available in four different sizes at $15.45/Kg.

For these and other great beef specials, check out our latest catalogue specials for October-November here.



Some lamb pricing has eased off with the introduction of NEW spring lamb flock numbers.  This has renewed interest in Lamb Legs yet again, as they still continue to be a staple on the club menus.

This month, we have a great buy on Lamb Rumps – Cap Off (#25929) at $14.95/Kg. This is the T&R pastoral brand derived from South Australia, which processes some of the best lambs in the country.  These make a great function alternative or why not grill into a salad.  For that something different, we are also offering our unique Lamb Noisette 100gm portion (#40382), which is derived from the Sovereign Lamb brand from he Goldfields of Victoria.



Supplies of pork are becoming shorter as the weather warms up, but if you’re planning an item to coincide with Oktoberfest,  why not try the Barkers Creek Pork Shank (#25115) at $10.95/Kg.

Back on the market, also from Bakers Creek, is the slow-cooked Pork Belly (#11497) at $14.95/Kg.  If you’re familiar with the Barkers Creek brand, then you’ll love this belly which is succulent and maintains it’s juicy flavour long after cooking.

For more great specials from the butchery, ask your Sales Executive or call us now to talk about what we can offer for your next fantastic function.

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