May Seafood Update

May Seafood Update


Have you checked out our fresh fish available for the week?  This will include genuine Australian product caught in pristine Australian waters.  The product is unloaded directly from the fisherman’s boat to our processor, who then processes your order on a daily basis.  The final result being quality fresh product delivered to your door. Species of fish available include Salmon, Barramundi, and Snapper to name but a few.  

Fresh Ordering Change: Please remember that all orders for fresh fish are required to be placed by 1.30pm Monday to Thursday for next day delivery.

Imported Products:  As mentioned last month, we have seen price increases occur with imported Barramundi fillets in all sizes.  There is a severe shortage of smaller sized fillets due to a shortage of smaller fish currently being farmed, however, there is an abundance of 200/300 and bigger sized fillets presently available.

Imported prawn cutlets are in good supply and the price has finally stabilised on all sizes; although it will be sometime before we see prices drop back to what we have previously endured.  

We are also well stocked with imported Salmon portions to suit your requirements and previous shortages of this product are well behind us.    

If you have not already done so, please view our extensive range of value-added seafood lines from our May Hot sheets here, or from our Customer Service representative.

Local Prawns:  There are good catches of medium and large prawns being recorded by the fisherman and these are available in 5 and 10 kg units of sale for your convenience.  

Oysters: With good news at hand, the spawning season of South Australian and Tasmanian oysters has finished, and there are good plump quality oysters available out of Coffin Bay, South Australia.  We also have good quality frozen Tasmanian oysters presently in stock, as well as ample stock of frozen New Zealand oysters available.

~ George S.


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