March Meat Update

March Meat Update

Meat Market Report – March 2014


As we bid farewell to Summer, there was some positive news as welcomed rain hit the the central region of Queensland, bringing a long awaited relief to many drought-stricken farmers.

The domestic market eased slightly in February; however, prices are still yet to follow, as export sales continue to surge for lower grade products with cuts such as Topsides commanding record prices on the export market.

Back on the home front, there are still specials abound for the savvy buyer. This month we are highlighting two different Beef items, designed for two different markets.

The first is the Rangers Valley Beef Rump portion cut at 400gm (#40306). This is derived from the Black Onyx product range and is 300-day Grain Fed Black Angus cattle raised on the New England tablelands. At $17.90 per kg, this represents exceptional value for a product of this magnitude. If you have never experienced Rangers Valley Black Onyx Beef before, now is your opportunity.

The second item which is an absolute white-hot special, is the AMH Swift Beef Cube Roll (#27200). This is a smaller sized (frozen) cubed roll under 2.2kg which is derived from budget beef and is suitable for a roast. At $7.50 per kg, these will move quickly, so there’s no time like the present.

For more Beef specials, take a look at our March Hot sheets available from our promotions or you local representative at or from your local QffS representative. 


Prices in the market continue to move northward as livestock numbers decline sharply in the traditional lamb producing states. Market reports coming back from WA, SA, VIC, and NSW all paint a bleak outlook for lamb numbers over the next few months.

Despite this, for our March Hot sheet we have still managed to procure some Lamb Rumps which are foodservice favourite and often underrated on menus. At $15.95 per kg, we are expecting these to sell out quite quickly.


The Pork market is still quite strong for this time of year and demand has not let up. Now as weather cools, expectations are abound for the growth of sales in roasting cuts.

The trendiest pork item at the moment in foodservice seems to be “Pulled Pork” with recipe origins being traced to the U.S. State of South Carolina in the mid-1800s. Traditionally prepared from the Pork Shoulder, the BBQ cooking method is sometimes changed to account for modern cooking in the foodservice industry.

This month on the Hot Sheet, we have a unique item which is the Pork Eye of Loin (Backstrap). This is rind off, and fat trimmed. Perfectly priced at $9.49 per kg, it is ideal for cutting into medallions, or crusting for a truly special roast.


Did you know? Australians eat an average of 33kg of Beef per person per year!! When you look at it, that’s the equivalent of 110 x 300gm Rump Steaks or 165 x 200gm Eye Fillet steaks each year.


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