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MOCO Food Services is one of the largest foodservice suppliers in Queensland. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers is a key reason for our continued success. Cultivating these relationships with brand leading manufacturers ensures consistency of supply, quality and value.

When you become a customer of MOCO Food Services you gain access to our range of over 5000 stock lines. As MOCO Food Services offers a total food service solution you will be able to provide a complete meal to your customers from the centre of plate items (Whole and Portion Cut Meat and Fresh and Frozen Seafood) right through to the essential items used in and around the kitchen in preparing the meal.

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“I have worked closely with management and staff, including the customer service team, sales team and marketing and procurement team. I have personally found each and every team member to be professional, knowledgeable in foodservice products and the foodservice industry; and have been lucky enough to have developed a close working relationship where both MOCO and A&T have benefited mutually through offering a quality seafood product through a quality foodservice provider. I thank MOCO for their professional relationship with A&T and look forward to many years of close business partnership” – Mark, A&T

“MOCO Foodservice is a business focused on building sustainable categories. This I believe has enabled its customers to engage with MOre brands with COmpetitive pricing and a focus on customer satisfaction. The most enjoyable part of working with the team is the continued focus on consumer trends, insights to develop categories and desire for continual improvement in everything they do” – Dan, Suputo

“In my opinion, whilst dealing with MOCO, they have been supportive, innovative and relevant to the market, similar to our business and perhaps that is why we have a great relationship. The people I communicate within the business are professional and have a vision that, between them and their suppliers; forge a great working relationship in the foodservice trade to meet the demands of the industry whilst providing excellent quality products” – Marc, Pacific West

“The thing that I notice the most about MOCO is how they are constantly evolving. Their digital platforms are especially impressive. A great way to enhance their customers’ buying experience” – Phil, Unilever

“MOCO are innovative market leaders in the foodservice industry, delivering strong business partnerships while retaining their friendly and customer-focused approach of their family business heritage” – Andy, Nestle

“We value our partnership with MOCO Food Services. Their focus and commitment towards our partnership extends throughout their business. Engaging with the professional and friendly team at MOCO Food Services is truly a pleasure” – Seanne, Clorox Professional

“We are proud to be associated with MOCO as for many our two companies have grown the frozen dessert range offer. The staff, customer service team and sales team are friendly and proactive, and provide a great support to meet the needs of our mutual customers” – Pia, Priestley’s Gourmet Delights



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