Seafood Updates

  • Seafood Update

    Seafood Update

    Fresh Local Seafood: Our popular fresh fish lines are guaranteed local Australian products that are caught from the trawlers and straight to your plate. In our extensive range, we have sought after species of Red Emperor, East Coast Gold Band Snapper, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, and Swordfish. In addition, we can … Read More

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Meat Updates

  • MOCO Meats Update

    MOCO Meats Update

    BEEF • Processing numbers took a hit this month with producers taking advantage of good recent rainfall to hold on to stock. Heavy rainfall in the north affected the movement of livestock and as a result the EYCI moved upwards. • On the upside, some record yarding numbers at saleyards … Read More

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Latest News

  • Mother’s Day Packaging Ideas!

    Mother’s Day Packaging Ideas!

        MOTHER’S DAY ONLY COMES AROUND ONCE A YEAR SO LET’S MAKE THE PACKAGING COUNT! FPA are treating mother’s to the best surprise this year: napkins, doyleys, champagne flutes and wine glasses – all the things mother’s love! Contact MOCO today to prevent missing out on these Mother’s Day must-haves!

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How to….

  • Simple and dynamic, is Buttermilk on your menu?

    Simple and dynamic, is Buttermilk on your menu?

    WHAT IS BUTTERMILK? Buttermilk is a fresh tasting cultured milk with lots of uses. The cultures in Dairy Farmers Buttermilk are natural tenderisers. Marinating chicken for an hour is all you need to achieve melt in the mouth tenderness! Use for southern fried chicken, as a marinade, in salad dressings … Read More

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New lines

  • Have you tried Matcha?

    Have you tried Matcha?

    ​​​​ Despite being a scary green colour, Matcha is delicious and renowned for its exceptional nutritious value. In addition to the Golden Turmeric Elixir, MOCO is now ranging Alchemy’s Kyoto Elixir Superfood latte product which is sourced and blended from 100% pure premium Japanese Matcha. The product can be enjoyed … Read More

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Great Recipes

  • Quick, Easy and Cost Efficient

    Quick, Easy and Cost Efficient

    LESS IS MORE! Consider quick and easy menu options to ensure the most efficient turnaround for meals and more bang for your buck. For your customer, a simple meal means faster service and hotter food! Simplot offers some great menu ideas with indicative costings per serve to help guide you during this busy period

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