June Seafood Market Update

June Seafood Market Update

Fresh Local Seafood:

Our popular fresh fish lines are guaranteed local Australian products that are caught from the trawlers and straight to your plate. In our extensive range, we have sought after species of Red Emperor, East Coast Gold Band Snapper, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, and Swordfish. In addition, we can also supply fresh local Ocean King Prawns which are available in large and medium sizes.

All our fresh fish fillets are processed at HACCP certified operations, with most local species of fish available and packaged in convenient 5Kg units, and can be ordered for next day delivery. Please ensure that your orders are place by 12pm midday Tuesday to Friday for next day delivery.

Our seafood availabilities are also emailed weekly from Tuesday, so to avoid missing out, please ensure you sign up to our email marketing subscription here. For other seafood specials, please click here.

Imported Prawns:

Currently, we still have not received any positive news from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources with regards to future supply of imported, natural prawn cutlets and prawn meat.  Very limited stock is intermittently arriving from Argentina, therefore stock supplies are not meeting the market demand. The current stock levels we are holding include the products below:

We can also offer the following products as alternatives to the natural prawn cutlets and prawn meat.

Prawns 2


We have secured new frozen stock of 9/12 Local Green Frozen King Prawns (#16832) and 10/15 Local Green Frozen King Prawns (#35879) and smaller parcels of 16/20 Cooked Frozen King Prawns (#16839). These products are all packed in user-friendly 5 Kg cartons. Please ensure you place your orders early to avoid missing out on these products.

There is also stock levels of local half-shell scallops in 20/30 (#20962) and 40/60 (32967) grading that make a great addition to your centre of plate, and a great alternative to the shortage of imported prawns.


If you’re after some excellent local oysters, we currently have some high quality, daily shucked oysters from Coffin Bay, South Australia, available for all your requirements that are currently in peak condition. We have ample stock levels of frozen oysters from New Zealand and Tasmania as an alternative product to the freshly shucked oyster. 

June Specials: 

During this month’s specials, we have Starpak Imported Skinless Barramundi Fillets 300/500 5Kg cartons at $58.95. These fillets are boneless succulent, white-textured meat, perfect as a centre of plate for your Winter dishes. In addition, we also have the Pacific West Classic Seafood Basket special at $66.95/ctn. From A&T, we have their large Tempura Torpedo Prawns, conveniently packaged in 1Kg packs at $29.99, which is perfect as entrees, finger food or toppers for your main meals.


We have great stock supplies of Whole Cooked Lobsters from Brazil and South Africa. Pacific West Whole Cooked Tristan DC Lobsters (435g) 10 Kg carton #26599 or Shore Whole Cooked Lobsters from Brazil (400/450g) 10 Kg carton #26866. If you’re looking for the wow-factor, then these products are the perfect dish for your customers.


~ George S.

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